How to Add Sticky Footer Ads on Blogger website | increase adsense 2x earning

 So friends, welcome to your next post, in this post I will tell you how you can increase your adsense revenue by adding ads on your blog and wordpress website, then you have to follow all the steps given below and follow you on your blogger and wordpress website. You want to increase your AdSense CTR because the more people click on your ad in AdSense, the more revenue 

 you generate. If you want to copy it to your notepad or any one of the text editors then I have marked something in this code that wherever you have space to insert your adsense advertisement code, first of all here I give you two places, in the first place you go to your adsense site.

I want to go to this section and in this you will find Advertise Woman The unit is to be clicked on this button and then the ad unit that you have created is to be clicked on any unit in that unit and the code that you see in it is to be copied from here in your ad code and after that I have given you the text. So in that text you want to replace it so that the advertisement will be displayed in your adsense and you will get all the revenue 

 from it. If you want to place an advertisement in a website, first you have to go to the plugin folder and search in it which I have given you the name below, then you have to search for it and first you have to open it and in this you have to copy an advertising code from your adsense. I want to come here and paste it so that this sweet is sticky on your website Advertising and how you can monetize your WordPress website with AdSense.

 All of the above advertisements are to be placed at your own risk because if you make a mistake in this you can close your Advertising Account. There is a lot of risk and there is nothing wrong with putting up this advertisement but if you put that advertisement in wrong way then you can get big problem. Also, even if unlimited posts are loading on your website,

you should not use this advertisement on your website and at the same time you should cover only 30% of your mobile in this place because if this advertisement is displayed on your mobile then your Advertisement AdSense account may be closed 

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